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Hello! I'm Kat Tennant.

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My husband and I have 5 grown children and, currently 7 grandchildren. In addition, my parents have been married for 66 years and I am proud to have had them raise myself and my sister with good morals and a strong work ethic. Consequently, I started my company with the purpose of providing the best service to my clients as well making Medicare Simple.

After 22 years as a Medical Clinic Administrator, I had the desire to start my own company. I decided to specialize in Health Insurance with Medicare being my specialty. So, 15 years ago, I opened my doors and have never looked back.

Myself and my team of licensed and certified agents provide comprehensive support and services to our clients.

Whether you are just turning 65 or have been Medicare eligible for several years, this is a one-stop location and support system to provide you the most up to date information on your options and options.

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