When you book an appointment with me, my goal will be to answer any and all questions you may have about Medicare, Medicare Plans and all your options...even if you are still working. Many times this is a preliminary meeting so that you can better understand all your options. Whether you are just turning 65 and when is the right time to trigger your Medicare. or have been on Medicare for several years, I will answer any questions you may have including

 Enroll in Medicare? Maybe Yes, Maybe No.
 What are my options?
 Which plan is the best for me?
 Which rules apply to me?
 Penalties of not enrolling or enrolling late
 Medicare Supplement plan requirements
 Choose the best drug plan for my needs
 PPO Options versus HMO Options
 Additional benefits: gym memberships, over-the-counter health benefits & more
 Group/Work Health Coverage: not ready to retire

AT NO COST, I will help you find a health plan that best suits your healthcare needs and your budget. By educating you on all the options available, I will give you the knowledge/power to compare and the freedom to choose the best coverage for you.

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